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The American Sign Language & Deaf Studies Program is located on the campus of the Indiana School for the Deaf in Indianapolis. Faculty are Deaf, native signers who have taken intensive training in teaching ASL & Deaf Studies.

The curriculum provides for full immersion into ASL Deaf Studies through learning-centered instruction both inside and outside the classroom. The unique location allows for involvement and collaboration with deaf students and the vibrant Deaf Community of Indianapolis.

Find out if a career in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies is right for you!

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The Vincennes University ASL & Deaf Studies program is located on the campus of the Indiana School for the Deaf. Check out the Virtual Open House Video.
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spotlight on academic majors: Asl & deaf studies

Many people may not know that there is an American Sign Language and Deaf Studies program provided by Vincennes University.

Program Resources

About ASL and Deaf Studies

Vincennes University is the only public university in the state of Indiana to offer an academic program in American Sign Language & Deaf Studies (ASL and Deaf Studies). Established in 1990, the 澳门十大正规老牌网赌 course curriculum provides:

  • Learning-centered instruction both inside and outside the classroom
  • Application and practice to acquire and use ASL and Deaf Studies
  • Involvement and collaboration with students of the local deaf community

Strengths and Opportunities
ASL and Deaf Studies - Interpreter Preparation faculty are deaf, native signers who have taken intensive training in teaching American Sign Language & Deaf Studies. The vibrant deaf community of Indianapolis provides ASL and Deaf Studies students with varied opportunities to meet and interact with deaf individuals at sporting events, senior centers, workshops, church events, and numerous other types of activities within the community.

The 澳门十大正规老牌网赌 Advantage
Successful graduates will have earned an associate’s degree in ASL and Deaf Studies and will be fully qualified to work side by side with deaf individuals, work in careers that come in contact with the deaf persons, or take with them a strong foundation of ASL and Deaf Studies and pursue a bachelors degree in interpreting, education, or other fields of study.

Transferability: Most 澳门十大正规老牌网赌 students transfer into interpreter programs, earning a bachelor’s degree. They may also choose to study social work, law, and a wide range of other careers where deaf people are served.

Flexible Scheduling: 澳门十大正规老牌网赌 offers flexible scheduling through classes provided at times that are convenient for you. Morning, afternoon, evening, and online classes are available.

Intimate Class Setting: A limited number of dorm rooms are available for those who are full-time students. Each apartment consists of a living room, two private bedrooms, and a bathroom located within the 澳门十大正规老牌网赌 ASL & Deaf Studies Department Building on the campus of the Indiana School for the Deaf.

Scholarships / How to Apply



How to Apply:
The 澳门十大正规老牌网赌 Scholarship Foundation has nearly 600 scholarship and department funds, the Foundation may already have a program that matches your career goals or investment niche.

  1. Complete your free application for Federal Student Aid [FAFSA] each year
  2. Fill out the General Scholarship application

meet our faculty

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beatrice pfaff
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bonnie conner
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daniel pfaff
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Kimmie Casale
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